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[Greek / Ελληνικά ] [English]

You can visit us at:
Taki 16 Str.
Psiri Area
Attica - Athens - Greece

Τel : +30 210-3212858

Contact Person
Mr. Ksinos

Our Food Menu

- Rolled feta cheese in crusted leaves with sesame and honey.
- Pumpkin balls with cheese and yogurt.
- Smoked salad of eggplant with little pies.
- Plevrotous mushrooms with thyme and melted cheese.
- Traditional pie with wild greens and cheese.
- Tomato balls from Santorini.
- Fresh fried potatoes from Crete with cheese and pepper.
- Eggplant "tower" with caramelised onions and feta cheese.
- Little bites of chicken, with dried tomato, cheese and pepper sauce.
- Cheesecroquettes with four cheeses.
- Handmade spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce.
- Fried bites of pork with metsobone cheese.
- Spring rolls of smoked salmon filled with cheese, yogurt and fennel.

- Variety of cheese / delicatessen
- Variety of meat (served with pork fillets, veal burger, chicken breast, panseta, sausage and barbeque sauce).

- "Paei kairos" with season vegetables little tomatoes, kapari, boiled potato, corn and balsamico.
- Traditional greek salad with tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, peppers, onions, olives and crouton.
- Spinach - roka, with dried tomato, cheese and olive vinegret.
- Bulgur with grilled vegetables.
- "Cesar" with grilled  chicken.

- Pennes with chicken, eggplant and metsobone cheese.
- Ligouini with sauce of vassilikos, little tomatoes and pinecone.
- Rice with vegetables, porcini mushrooms and balsamico.

- Chicken fillet filled with Florinis pepper, metsobone and grilled vegetables.
- Kembap with yogurt, little pies and tomato.
- Grilled pork fillet with potatoes and sauce with lemon and olive oil.
- Kidding from Crete with sauce of lemon and egg and potatoes.
- Veal fillets with rice and thyme sauce.
- Veal burger with wild rice, onions and sauce of cheese.
- Pork fillet filled with dried tomato, cheese, thyme and plum sauce.
- Wild pork with fresh potatoes.
- Cod fillet with grilled vegetables and sauce of ouzo.


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